Welcome to the Yellowstone County Extension site! Look for upcoming workshops and events, as well as a variety of educational MontGuides, publications, and links to other MSU research based resources.

The Yellowstone County Extension office is your resource for:

  • Livestock and Cropping Questions
  • Noxious Weed ID and Recommendations
  • Plant ID and Disease Diagnosis
  • Pest/Rodent Questions

And provides services in:

  • Private Pesticide Applicator Licensing and Training
  • Forage Nitrate and Analysis Testing
  • Weed Seed Free Hay Certifications
  • On-site Consultations

For additional information or questions contact Callie Cooley at or 406-256-2828.

Past Webinar Recordings

Wildfire Prepardness for Your Home and Land

Weed ID & Strategies for Managing Common Yellowstone County Weeds

Grazing Management for Irrigated and Dryland Pastures   

South Central Ag Webinar - Grasshopper & Alfalfa Weevil Management

Establishing Fruit Orchards in Montana 

Getting Our Hands Dirty in the Details of Caring for Fruit Plantings  

The CREC Fruit Project: Joys and Obstacles in Eastern-Central North Dakota

Growing Fruit in Eastern Montana: Here's What to Know and How to Start